System Specification

System Specification

Specification (WCN)  Description
Coin name :  Widecoin
Coin abbreviation :  WCN
Algorithm :  SHA256 (PoW)
Mining :  Yes 
Type :  PoW
Address letter :  W, E, wc
Block reward :  50 WCNs
Block time :   30 seconds
Block size :    > 4 MB
Coin supply :  35,000,000 WCN
Coinbase maturity :  50 blocks
Peer-to-Peer Payment System

Peer-to-Peer Payment System

The transfer of physical currency is the current payment method used worldwide, it poses risks when making large cash payments in person as you need to have the physical currency on hand. It is difficult to organize transaction logs for private transactions while also requiring large and secure facilities to store the currency. However, Widecoin, following in the footsteps of Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency executing on a reliable and secure block-chain technology allowing users to perform immediate cashless payment transactions via the Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS using a wallet embedded with a unique digital signature.

Users can make transactions anytime and anywhere without middle-men services and/or high transaction fees. Widecoin transactions are routed around the globe every second securely using a convenient wallet application for your mobile device. Widecoin is currently working with merchants and exchanges to secure partnerships and integration in to current and future systems.

I. Vision

Leading peer-to-peer electronic payment gateway system with fast secure and transactions.
II. Mission 

To be one of the leading peer-to-peer electronic payment systems used worldwide. Linking up with the economic market around the globe to increasing operation scope, technology development, community base and social support.