No Action in 2021 Description Relevant Party Status
01 Exchange Three exchanges listing minimum Widecoin Group and Community 100%
02 Exchange Trading Volume One thousand USD trading volume minimum per daily (buyer and seller) Community members 40%
03 Mobile Wallet One mobile wallet (Android or iOS) Widecoin Group 100%
04 Upgrade DNS Seed Eliminate adding seed node manually Widecoin Group 100%
05 Mining Pool Eight mining pools minimum Widecoin Group and Community 100%
06 Miner Hundred miners minimum Widecoin Group and Community 40%
07 Community
(Telegram,FB, Twitter and Discord)
Two thousand members minimum Widecoin Group and Community 70%
08 Coin Marketing Cap Registration Two CMCs registration minimum
(CMC, Coingecko, Coinpaprika)
Widecoin Group 100%
09 Partnerships Two partnerships minimum with media, third party system, etc… Widecoin Group 100%
10 API-Server The API Server is a lightweight Web application that allows users to create and expose info APIs from Widecore, without the need for custom development. Widecoin Group 100%
11 Tip-Bot Transfer Widecoin tips to any member on Discord and Telegram Widecoin Group 100%
       Total 86%
Note: Roadmap 2022 will be released in Dec 2021 v1.4