[ANN] Project Support Contribution

Dear Community,


Widecoin project has been running for two years with the proper tracking roadmap direction. Even though the community is still not yet a huge size but existing is also a suitable once recognition. Moreover, we will try our best to accomplish this mission beyond the double scope of existing. However, system development and exchange listing are still on track based on the roadmap. Widecoin is led by the community, hence we are strongly required the community to join the best support either through direct donation or purchasing WCN NFT via SOL in order to leverage those donation funds to list on medium or big exchanges, and the rest will be used for other project expense (marketing, community expansion, etc.)

Project support contribution via:
1- https://widecoin.org/donation/
2- https://solsea.io/c/6190693ff7465d2a316b8bd7

Roadmap 2023: https://widecoin.org/#section-257
There is a lot of good news, that is coming soon.

Widecoin Group

Twitter : https://twitter.com/widecoin1
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/widecoin1
Telegram : https://t.me/+oJ1_N7xtcAtlZGU1

Discord: https://discord.gg/GnNaAHra7Q
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoIwKB3niIxK532U1O8yCpA


Good News: Widecoin integrated with Android, iOS, and Web Wallet of Hebe

Dear Valued Community Members,

Widecoin Group is excited to announce the Hebe integrated Widecoin into Hebe Android, iOS, and Web wallet. Hebe wallet can manage multiple wallets at the same time, and the transfer speed is a fast and secure platform.

In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to innovate Widecoin Core, Wallet and signed an agreement with other best organization partnerships. Widecoin Group believes that Hebe wallet is a very powerful and useful app for community members to enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Download: https://widecoin.org/#section-74
Some Tips: after creating an app wallet, WCN’s private key(wif) backup is mandatory.

Widecoin is for everyone, to push Widecoin into a high range coin is needed community members and partners to join active trading via exchange platforms.
Thanks to community members and partners for your support and trust in the Widecoin project.

There is a lot of good news, is coming soon.

Widecoin Group
Twitter : https://twitter.com/widecoin1
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/widecoin1
Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/oJ1_N7xtcAtlZGU1
Discord: https://discord.gg/GnNaAHra7Q
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoIwKB3niIxK532U1O8yCpA

[ANN] 0% Mining Pool Fee of Widecoin Within 3 Months at kriptokyng.com

Dear Valued Community Members,

[ANN] Good news: 0% mining pool fee of Widecoin within 3 months at kriptokyng.com

Widecoin Group is excited to announce the 0% mining pool fee of Widecoin within 3 months at https://kriptokyng.com and the effective date starts from 27th May 2021.

In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to innovate Widecoin Core and signed an agreement with other best organization partnerships. Widecoin Group believes that 0% mining pool fee of Widecoin within 3 months at kriptokyng.com will help community members to generate more profit from Widecoin mining.

Mining pool URL: https://kriptokyng.com/index.html#wcn

Widecoin is for everyone, to push Widecoin into a high range coin is needed community members and partners to join active trading via exchange platforms and active mining competition.

Thanks to community members and partners for always supporting and trusting the Widecoin project.

There is a lot of good news, is coming soon.

Widecoin Group
Twitter : https://twitter.com/widecoin1
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/widecoin1
Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/oJ1_N7xtcAtlZGU1
Discord: https://discord.gg/GnNaAHra7Q
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoIwKB3niIxK532U1O8yCpA

[ANN] Widecoin address generator

Dear Valued Community Members,

[ANN] Good news!

Widecoin Group is excited to announce the release of a new system module of Widecoin Core, Widecoin address generator.

Widecoin address generator functions:
– Single address
– Address details
– Bulk generate
– Paper wallet with password protection and non-password protection
– Mnemonic seed

In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve Widecoin Core and Widecoin Group believes that Widecoin address generator will help community members to generate instant Widecoin addresses to receive funds with high security protection.

You can access Widecoin address generator via https://widecoin.org/paper-wallet/index.html

Any issue, please contact support@widecoin.org or community channels.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/widecoin1
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/widecoin1
Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/oJ1_N7xtcAtlZGU1
Discord: https://discord.gg/GnNaAHra7Q

Finally, thanks to community members for always supporting Widecoin Group. However, in order to push Widecoin into high range coin is needed community members to join active trading via exchange platforms and active mining competition.

Widecoin Group
There is a lot of good news, is coming soon.

Partnership Cooperation

Dear Value Partners,

To: Mining Pool, Exchange, Mobile Wallet, Faucet, Other Platforms..etc

We Widecoin group are glad to seeking a partnership cooperation with your organization. We are an esteemed organization in digital currency. Our Widecoin group share a mission in the digital currency world industry and we believe that this cooperation will be beneficial to both side.

We hereby wish to propose a partnership with your organization. Our Widecoin group has a strong system, project development, customer base in digital currency industry as well other territory globally. We appreciate your plan to expand your plan to the globe. We have strong system development, community strongholds around the globe and our partnership would help your organization to expand.

We are looking forward to welcoming your organization as our new cooperation partner.

Contact: david@widecoin.org

Thank you.
Yours Truly,

Кращі Ігрові Автомати Онлайн Безкоштовно

Сайт є повністю інформаційним та не приймає грошові платежі з боку користувачів. У разі виникнення ознак ігрової залежності зверніться за допомогою до спеціалізованих закладів. Серед символів Полунички онлайн гравець отримує достаток яскравих смачних фруктів, які приносять пристойний прибуток. Мінімальна виграшна комбінація складає three однакових символа, починаючи з лівого або правого краю.

ігрові автомати полунички скачати безкоштовно

Для цього зайдіть у свій профіль та виберіть казино серед усіх доступних. Щоб внести депозит, перейдіть до особистого кабінету та клацніть на напис «Поповнити». У анкеті, що відкрилася, потрібно буде вибрати суму поповнення, вписати реквізити і вказати свій телефонний номер. Поповнивши баланс можна запускати гральні автомати на реальні гроші. Також можна використовувати заохочення від клубу.

Як Грати В Безплатні Ігрові Автомати З Мобільного

Для таких гемблерів передбачений в ігрових автоматах демо режим, який допомагає вивчити слот зсередини. Ігрові автомати скачати безплатно https://novatec.ua/wp-includes/pages/obem_stavok_na_sport_v_oregone_v_iule_vuros_po_sravneniu_s_proshlum_godom.html зазвичай дуже швидко. Іконка додатку з’явиться безпосередньо на головній сторінці вашого робочого дисплею на смартфоні.

Поповнення Рахунку В Парі Матч Казино

Для початку ігрові автомати Полуничка запускають барабани, після чого вогник пробігає фруктовим полем і зупиняється на певному символі. При збігу зображення з картинкою на барабані виплачуються нагороди. Саме тому грати безкоштовно у Полунички настільки азартно. Щоб обіграти гральний автомат, виберіть відповідну для нього стратегію. Так якщо ви граєте на слоті з високою волатильністю – треба мати великий бюджет на ставки та готуватися грати довго.

How to Motivate Yourself to Study

We’ve all had times when the thought of having to study for a whole evening just makes you want to groan . So one technique to help you be motivated to study is to tell yourself you’ll just study for 25 minutes. A system of interim goals and suitable rewards may also be needed. You will need to work out whether you are better with a small reward daily, or after each task, or a rather bigger reward saved up for the week or month. This page provides some advice to help you remain motivated while studying, and can also be used by parents to help motivate young people and children studying for exams. You can find the motivation to study by considering how what you’re studying is relevant to your career and future life. Find love for what you’re doing and share your enthusiasm and accomplishments with others.

how to get motivation to study

I am sure that once you get your gears going, you’ll want to continue the diligent streak. Having your notes organised divided into piles will save you time in the future because you can quickly sort through them to take out exactly what you need. When you’ve done this, you can visualise how much you need to get done in a day by counting the number of pages you’ve picked out. It breaks things down into manageable chunks so the revision process becomes less intimidating. One thing that has definitely saved my revision from time to time are apps. There are so many useful and FREE apps out there just waiting to be downloading by people just like us. You can find apps for anything study related, whether it’s making flashcards, keeping track of homework or planning out your revision schedule, there’s an app for it.

Don’t let your studying take over your life

We all have dips in motivation from time to time, so in this episode, I try to give my best advice to find it. Allow yourself rewards for completing each chunk of your study. Keep this proportionate to the achievement so you always have something to aim for. For example, you could reward yourself with a 10-minute break to scroll through social media or play a game when you have completed an hour’s work. For greater achievements, like completing all your assignments on time, you could reward yourself with something you have wanted to buy for ages.

This is my primary motivation because of how it makes me feel. Studying English for your partner or your job is a good motivation but does it really make you happy? Maybe it does but it’s important to think about your intrinsic motivation as well as your extrinsic motivation .

How to ACTUALLY motivate yourself to revise

So maybe someone can benefit from what I have learned and the little tricks I use to increase my motivation to study, which is why I’m writing this thread. Here are 5 tips to stay motivated in this challenging exam period and achieve your goals. You may be mourning the loss of your social life, and it can be really difficult to keep long-term goals in mind when you’re in the middle of the short-term struggle. Try to keep in mind the long summer you’re going to have after exams, and if all goes to plan, all the time you’ll get to spend with friends and family again. To stay motivated to study, keep track of your progress, celebrate small and big successes, and reward yourself with quality time .

You’ve done GCSEs and your coursework – and this is the final hurdle where consistent motivation could be the difference between a good and a great grade. I boosted my motivation even more by assuring that I would not permit myself to receive the reward if I failed. Reading the shortest section in your subject, or a section at the beginning. So while in the pursuit of motivating trainotech.in yourself to study, this actually does the opposite of what you want, it discourages you from studying. By ‘telling’ your mind this, you are forcing it to pursue a task that will introduce additional stress. Your mind will resist this, it doesn’t want to go through work or be under stress. PS – Be careful of branded coffee because of its high-levels of sugar and caffeine.

If you’re not feeling confident about exams then it follows that you won’t want to work hard. You might be tempted to stay in bed in a coma until 3.00 pm. Give yourself a pep talk so that you can manufacture the confidence you need. You can look at essays where you have done well or reread motivating comments from teachers. Concentrate on positive aspects and you’ll start to realise your capability; hard work pays off! Alternatively, you could get the syllabus for each exam you are sitting and lay them all in front of you.

When I finished my A-Levels I went off to mainland Europe and interrailed with some of my friends from school and it really motivated all of us to work as hard as we could. A good way to approach revision is break the day into three – morning, afternoon and evening – and only ever work two of these sessions. Breaking the day up this way, you can have an evening off to go to the cinema with your friends or take the morning to go to a yoga class. When I’m not quite feeling like studying, I force myself to turn up the volume with some pretty uplifting songs. In fact, I often use my regular workout music to get me excited for studying. Once you’re aware of its efficacy you will use it again and again. Match your interests to university subjects and explore each recommendation to find out what suits you.

If you manage to find some ambitious students you can really push each other’s motivation. Plus, really boring topics become a little bit more interesting or even funny when you have someone around you. Now, as I already mentioned I was confronted with a lot of theoretical subjects that I was not really interested in. As a result, my motivation to study for the exams was extremely low. Whenever I tried to start with the exam preparation, something more interesting came along the way and diverted my attention. I simply could not get myself to pick up my study materials. Knowing you’ve already made progress is so effective for long-term motivation.

Рейтинг Онлайн Казино Где Можно Играть В Слоты На Реальные Деньги Новости Кирова И Кировской Области

Помимо оперативности входа и удобства, обладают главным достоинством – антиблокировочными функциями. Посетитель скачивает приложение один раз и доступ к слотам всегда будет открыт, без применения зеркальных ресурсов, ВПН и прокси-серверов. Игровые клубы, предлагающие деньги за регистрацию, всегда ставят временные рамки на вознаграждение. Посетитель имеет право отказаться от бездепозитных бонусов. Информация о доступных предложениях, акциях и ивентах находится в соответствующем разделе личного кабинета игрока.

играть слоты онлайн на деньги

Бывали случаи, когда джекпот составлял несколько десятков миллионов рублей. С каждой ставки геймеров производится отчисление небольшого процента. Напомним, что максимальный джекпот, выигранный в онлайн казино на деньги, составлял более 20 млн. В игровых разделах онлайн казино на реальные деньги можно выбрать любые игры после прохождения регистрации. Бесплатные слоты демо запускаются на виртуальные монеты. Для удобства пользователей азартные игры поделены на категории.

Возможности в мобильном приложении точно такие, как и в стандартной версии игрового ресурса. Скачиваемый вариант онлайн-казино позволяет вносить депозит, подавать запросы на вывод денег и запускать любые игры из каталога. SlotClub старается делать времяпровождение пользователя максимально комфортным, удобным и радостным. Многие игроки не любят ставить деньги на неизученную игру.

Топовые Поставщики Игр

Чтобы играть на деньги беспрепятственно, рекомендуется воспользоваться зеркалом. Это точная копия ресурса, ничем не отличающаяся от официального портала кроме адреса. На зеркале представлены те же самые игры и действуют такие же правила, как и в стандартном клубе. Вход по альтернативному адресу осуществляется по имеющимся паролю и логину. В онлайн-казино Вулкан могут зарегистрироваться все совершеннолетние игроки. Создание новой учетной записи открывает возможности для совершения депозитов, игры в слоты и вывода выигранных денег.

  • При этом его уровень в соответствии с программой лояльности должен быть не ниже Бронзового.
  • Anonymous, Это подтверждает то, что в казино всегда выигрывает казино.
  • Лично я выводила деньги на банковские карты, но видела в личке и возможность получения выплат на электронный кошелек.
  • Работу генератора случайных чисел сначала проверяют на стадии создания игровых автоматов.

Затем нужно согласиться с Правилами и условиями и подтвердить создание учетной записи. Быстрая регистрация через социальные сети в виртуальном клубе Вавада не предусмотрена. Выбрать способ авторизации – с помощью электронной почты или через телефон.

Кроме того, можно использовать режим реальных ставок, который доступен после авторизации и обеспечивает возможность выигрышей денежных призов. Выбирая создание профиля через номер телефона, игрок получит смс-сообщение с уникальным кодом. Вариант создания аккаунта с помощью электронной почты предусматривает переход на сайт казино по активной ссылке, которую саппорт отправит на е-мейл. Также игрокам доступна регистрация через профиль в социальных сетях. Данный способ создания игрового счета предусматривает использование информации, которая находится на странице игрока. Самым удобным вариантом считается регистрация в 1 Икс Бет казино через электронную почту.

Онлайн Казино

Чтобы найти стабильное и надежное онлайн казино, с щедрой системой бонусов, многоуровневой программой лояльности, акциями и розыгрышами джекпотов нужно время. Мы поможем разобраться на что стоит обратить описание тут внимание новичкам в мире азарта. Игорный дом Vulkan Online – очень популярный бренд онлайн-казино, в настоящее время его выбирают многие гэмблеры, чтобы вести играть на реальные деньги с снятием прибыли.

Вывод Денег Со Счета Vavada

Здесь достаточно ввести несколько первых букв названия, чтобы мгновенно получить результаты. К сожалению, в каталоге игровых автоматов Cat Casino не хватает фильтрации по жанрам. Но большие картинки-превью нивелируют этот недостаток, позволяя быстро определить тематику слота.

Также на рынке России представлены зарубежные игровые платформы. В игровом зале Вавада выбрать любой интересующий аппарат. Возможность продолжать игру, независимо от проведения технических работ или перегруженности основного домена.

3 hilariously funny short story jokes

For example, Alan Johnson, a recurring character on the show, is depicted as both a serious character and a character for comedic relief. His race may be the butt of the joke at times, but this is not all he brings to the show. Britain’s military has a long tradition of banter and belly-laughing jokes and the internet has gone into a frenzy for our selection of our favourites of all time. With that in mind, we thought it would be really cool to figure out what questions we could ask Alexa. We wondered if we could ask her some of the funny, geeky and, creepy questions we asked Cortana. But we also went looking for plenty of new questions.

funny jokes story in hindi

The worst part is when I don’t react by laughing or being delighted, which they respond to by telling me that I “didn’t get it”. However, I do understand what they said – I just didn’t find it in any way entertaining. In a pun, the ‘first’ obvious meaning is usually quite reasonable, whereas the ‘secondary’ alternative meaning may be less sensible, and amusing in some way.

using puns for learning, teaching and training

Here are few of the gambling memes you can find online. Most of the gambling jokes are based on real events. The following real gambling stories have clever one-liners and interesting life lessons. Sometimes gambling humor proves that when Lady Luck taps you on the shoulder, you should https://dailyinformation.in/ play like it is the last thing you will ever do. Our collection of funny bets and jokes about gambling comes from casinos and gambling rooms from all over the world. We made this list with the intention of fun and entertainment. No offence meant – it is all just for laughs.

Hilariously funny short story jokes:

However, I know my opinion isn’t reflective of how most people find the film, given its favourable reviews. Licorice Pizza is one of those indie films where there is no actual plot. I couldn’t tell you the exact events of the film, but in short, it’s generally an insight into the lives of young adults Alana Kane and Gary Valentine in Los Angeles, California. My first film of 2022 is Licorice Pizza , directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. It’s a film I wanted to see for a while, as I’m in love with coming-of-age stories set in certain eras, like American Graffiti , Dazed and Confused and The Diary of a Teenage Girl . Know any more military jokes you’d like to share?