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Blockchain technology is in a stage of ongoing development. Many aspects of our world may change with its evolution. Fundamentally, it is a decentralized and encrypted database of agreements. So it is plausible that Blockchain can truly disrupt multiple industries and make the processes more democratic, secure, transparent, and efficient. The blockchain serves as a bookkeeping platform or ledger that is incorruptible, enforces transparency, and can even bypass censorship. The result is a system for digital interactions that does not need a trusted third party. The work of securing digital relationships is implicit — supplied by the elegant, simple, yet robust network architecture of Blockchain technology itself.

Both customers and merchants are increasingly using digital currency today to make transactions, contributing to their growth and influence. In this burgeoning and relatively new marketplace, both sellers and buyers are recognizing the huge advantages that systems like Widecoin offer. The primary benefits of this e-commerce revolve around the fact that it eliminates limitations of time and geographical distance. In the process, e-commerce usually streamlines operations and lowers costs.



Public blockchains are publicly viewable by all users around the world creating transparency, and all transactions are impossible to alter and delete.

Lower transaction costs

Lower transaction costs

Blockhain is the best option to greatly reduce transaction fees by removing third-party intermediaries and overhead costs of exchanging assets.

Empowered users

Empowered users

Users take full charge to keep control of all their information and transactions as their own administrator via decentralized systems.

Removing third-party risks

Removing third-party risks

Blockchain technology enables users to perform an exchange transaction without the intermediation of a third party risky elimination.



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Operation Head
Community Head
Marketing Head
Operation Head

Operation Head

Mask has experienced for many years with operation and trading management. He maintains the current capability of financial products available to corporate and individual community members, including bonds, stocks, investments, and trusts. He works closely with investor analysts to assess financial information and investment opportunities.

He presents investment opportunities and related analysis while pitching proposed course of action in meetings with community members. He develops relationships with community members and expands the community networks in professional and social settings.



David has experience in Information Technology and Business Development for more than 13 years. David will assist management team to implement the project strategy plan to ensure Widecoin is going ahead with the proper roadmap by sticking to the long-term visionary and missionary way.

Widecoin team is committed themselves to drive the Widecoin foundation to be a prosperous area of technology, socialization, and community development. Likewise, the Widecoin team have been contributing themselves to a non-commercial scene to focus on blockchain electronic peer-to-peer payment system innovation easing hold tightly payment processing via transparency platform.

The ambition of Widecoin would be chasing the core integration to the economic market within alternative market sectors. Widecoin will be standing there to be solving all the matters for daily payment transaction processing and automation settlement within a few seconds.

Community Head

Community Head

Jimmy has experienced for many years with the community operational. He facilitates interactions between the internal team and the hosted platforms for the overall success of the organization. He takes control of online voice and builds brand awareness and loyalty. He will be responsible for aligning all communications among the community group to create a strong brand identity.

In addition, he will take charge of community performance, productivity, and efficiency through the implementation of effective methods and strategies. To contribute towards the achievement of the organization’s strategic and community objectives



Marketing Head

Marketing Head

Liza is expertise in system and marketing lead for many years. She is handling the marketing qualified leads, by converting site traffic through calls-to-action, landing pages, and lead generation content.

Optimize marketing automation and lead nurturing processes through email, content, and social channels. To establish closed-loop analytics with the marketing portion to understand how our inbound marketing activity turns into users, and continually refine our process to convert users.


No Action in 2021 Description Relevant Party Status
01 Exchange Three exchanges listing minimum Widecoin Group and Community 100%
02 Exchange Trading Volume One thousand USD trading volume minimum per daily (buyer and seller) Community members 40%
03 Mobile Wallet One mobile wallet (Android or iOS) Widecoin Group 100%
04 Upgrade DNS Seed Eliminate adding seed node manually Widecoin Group 100%
05 Mining Pool Eight mining pools minimum Widecoin Group and Community 100%
06 Miner Hundred miners minimum Widecoin Group and Community 40%
07 Community
(Telegram,FB, Twitter and Discord)
Two thousand members minimum Widecoin Group and Community 70%
08 Coin Marketing Cap Registration Two CMCs registration minimum
(CMC, Coingecko, Coinpaprika)
Widecoin Group 100%
09 Partnerships Two partnerships minimum with media, third party system, etc… Widecoin Group 100%
10 API-Server The API Server is a lightweight Web application that allows users to create and expose info APIs from Widecore, without the need for custom development. Widecoin Group 100%
11 Tip-Bot Transfer Widecoin tips to any member on Discord and Telegram Widecoin Group 100%
       Total 86%
Note: Roadmap 2022 will be released in Dec 2021 v1.4